For over 100 years, FirstEnergy has provided safe and reliable electricity to power our communities. At FirstEnergy Home, we want to make life easier for our customers with products and services designed to simplify the way you live. We aim to make lives brighter in new and exciting ways.

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Personal Tech Support Outfit Your HomeDuring Your Move

Optimize the efficiency, safety and comfort of your new home by upgrading to a smart thermostat, smart lighting, smart cameras, smart co/smoke detectors and more. Stay connected and maximize speed, range and performance with our networking and Wi-Fi products.
Smart Home Devices

Smart home products and services to optimize your home – keeping it efficient, smart and protected all while adding convenience to your daily routine.

Home Security

Help ensure your home is well protected and get peace of mind that your home is safe with smart security products.

Electrical Surge Coverage

Protect against the high cost of covered repairs for electronics and appliances damaged by power surges. No equipment required.

Don't Settle for Average, Join the High-Tech Movers Revolution

Every home has its own version of outdated appliances, and devices, so there's always room for improvement. So why not make your new home function more efficiently? This move is the perfect opportunity to upgrade. For instance, upgrade to a smart thermostat for your new home instead of utilizing the same type of outdated manual thermostat you had in your old home. Smart thermostats include automation, smartphone control, voice commands (through a compatible voice assistant), and many other features that help provide convenience and energy efficiency.

When it comes to the internet, the hardware provided by your ISP can determine the strength and reliability of your connection. A quality router can increase the enjoyment of your internet activity. This activity may include browsing online, gaming, or streaming movies, and also make your smart devices easier to operate. A high-quality internet connection will also help protect your new technology against cyber threats. Now is the ideal time to upgrade your router for better performance.

And while a smart thermostat and router can add smart capabilities to your new home, they're not the only upgrade available. For example, you can add smart door locks and a video doorbell for protection, indoor and outdoor cameras for security, and smart lighting for convenience.

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How to Buy the Right Smart Lock for Your Front Door
For homeowners, one of the most significant concerns is home security. The following article will break down the pros and cons of the smart door lock.


Smart technology connects and communicates with your smart home devices via Wi-Fi. Smart devices can be automated or function without manual input. And, depending on the device, smart products are controllable from a smartphone or tablet or even with voice commands through a compatible voice assistant, like Amazon Alexa™ or Google Home.

“Amazon” and all related Marks are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc.
“Google Home” is a trademark of Google, LLC.

Smart homes require smart devices. You can purchase smart devices to replace your existing ones or opt for cheaper alternatives such as smart plugs, which provide your traditional devices with some smart features. Smart homes also require Wi-Fi as a way to communicate with each other and the smartphone app.

Organizing is key when packing for a move. It's best to create a checklist and keep an inventory of your belongings, along with labeling all boxes to avoid misplacing essential items you'll need immediately following the move. Regarding packing, a few helpful tips can go a long way. Get all needed materials before packing, i.e., strong quality boxes of all sizes, packing tape, clothing bags, etc. Using all available space within the boxes is also recommended, without making them too heavy.

Some internet connections, but not all, can be transferred from one location to another depending on the Internet Service Provider's (ISP) footprint. So, before your move, you should contact FirstEnergy Home™ at 1-866-987-4305 to check whether your ISP offers services in your new area. But, you can always find alternative ISPs in your new location if that isn't an option.

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