Top Benefits of Video Doorbells
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Top Benefits of Video Doorbells

Learn the core benefits of video doorbells, the features that will benefit you and your home, plus what to consider before purchasing.

Video doorbells, an easy security option, have become extremely popular. So popular in fact, that by 2024 the projected global market for smart doorbells is expected to reach around $21 billion dollars1. Video doorbells have all the features necessary for proper home security.

Core Benefits

When compared to a traditional home doorbell, a video doorbell is undeniably a smarter choice. Video doorbells work with the home’s Wi-Fi to communicate with connected devices when the doorbell is rung or motion is detected. They also still communicate with devices away from home.

Every new edition brings a new feature, but today, these are the core benefits and features of video doorbells:

Monitor Package Deliveries – online shopping is on the rise, especially during the pandemic. From the smallest envelope to the largest box, keep an eye on the package when it’s dropped off with a video doorbell. In a survey, 41% say3 they have avoided online shopping because of package theft.

View Visitors – Check out who is at the front door before answering. Help avoid unwelcome visitors, especially when the kids are home alone. One of the many advantages of the video doorbell is that it detects visitors from a distance – helping to eliminate drop-ins.

Two-way Audio – This convenient feature allows for communication with whoever is at the door. Give the delivery driver specific package instructions or warn away prospective package thieves. Running a few minutes late? Let the guests on the porch know.

Peace of Mind – Wi-Fi connected video doorbells allow parents to know when the kids come home from school or are playing in the front yard.

Deterrent – Whether it’s package theft, a home break-in, or property vandalism, video doorbells help provide evidence of a crime. A video doorbell helps when filing a report with the police or homeowner’s insurance. The footage of the incident can be used as evidence. One of the best doorbell cameras has also been shown to ward off criminals from approaching a home once they see the camera. So, the psychological effect of the video doorbell may also keep strangers away. This is especially nice since most packages, 74%, are stolen during the day when homeowners are out. 2

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What to Look For

Keep these functions in mind when comparing video doorbell models.

Power Source – Video doorbells are either hard-wired into the existing system or battery powered.

Example Products – Nest® Hello Video Doorbell (Wired), Ring Video Doorbell (Battery or Wired), SkyBell HD Doorbell (Wired), August® Doorbell Cam Pro (Wired)

Motion Detection – – All video doorbells have motion sensors. The strength and settings of these sensors differ by product. For instance, you may want to change the settings to ignore certain areas that are heavily trafficked to avoid constant alerts.

Example Products – Nest®Hello Video Doorbell, Ring Doorbell, SkyBell HD Doorbell, Vivint® Doorbell Camera, Zmodo® Greet Doorbell

Image and Video Resolution – 1080p is the highest resolution available and the sharpest image. 480p would be on the lower resolution side. This resolution is enough to detect and recognize the face of someone at the door.

Example Products – Nest®Hello Video Doorbell(1600 x 1200), Ring Doorbell (1080p), SkyBell HD Doorbell (1080p), Vivint® Doorbell Camera (720p)

Field of View – Some cameras feature a 180° viewing field while others only provide 90°. Homeowners with wide-open areas will choose 180°, but some have long narrow porches that only require 90° because of the obstructed view. Video doorbells offer options for different viewing fields.

Example Products –Nest®Hello Video Doorbell (160°), RingDoorbell (160°), SkyBell HD Doorbell (180°), Zmodo® Greet Doorbell (120°)

Night Vision – For security purposes, night vision may be important. This feature allows images at night to be as clearly viewed as day.

Example Products –Nest®Hello Video Doorbell, Ring Doorbell, SkyBell HD Doorbell, August Doorbell Cam Pro, Vivint® Doorbell Camera, SimpliSafe® Video Doorbell Pro, Frontpoint® Doorbell Camera, Zmodo® Greet Doorbell, Doorbird® Camera

Video Storage – Data storage is a feature that some video doorbells offer. This feature allows for cloud storage for a certain number of days. However, this feature may come at an additional cost.

Example Products – Nest®Hello Video Doorbell, Ring Doorbell, SkyBellHD Doorbell, August® Doorbell Cam Pro, Vivint® Doorbell Camera, SimpliSafe® Video Doorbell Pro, Frontpoint® Doorbell Camera, Zmodo® Greet Doorbell, Doorbird® Camera

Compatibility – One important question is whether the video doorbell will pair with existing smart devices. For instance, don’t spend more for a voice control feature without owning a voice assistant. The following products are compatible with smart home voice assistants

Example Products – August® Doorbell Cam Pro, RemoBell® S, Ring Peephole Cam, Ring Video Doorbell Pro, Nest® Hello Video Doorbell, Ring Video Doorbell 2, Eufy® Video Doorbell

Traditional doorbell chime – For those that prefer the sound of a doorbell, some models allow for an optional chime device, or you can hard-wire it into the existing doorbell.

How does a video doorbell work?

Three events take place for a video doorbell to work:

  • Motion events: video doorbell cameras detect motion through infra-red LEDs that surround a video doorbell.
  • Ring events: These generate a sound on the doorbell.
  • Live viewing event: This occurs when the owner wants to connect to the doorbell via the device.

The information gathered by these sensors is then organized and a push notification is generated to the owner’s phone or tablet device.

After a live event occurs, a connection created between the mobile device and video doorbell via Wi-Fi. This allows communication between homeowner and visitor.

The data is then stored in either of two main forms.

  • Local: This could be any external hard drive, USB etc.
  • Cloud storage: Here data is stored on a server.

In Summary

A video doorbell is a smart replacement for the traditional doorbell. Obviously, cost will be a deciding factor and video doorbells range anywhere from $60 to $300. The lower-priced models will not include the functionality of the more costly models. But it’s hard to put a price on peace of mind, and that’s what smart doorbells offer. And while not as mobile as a smart home security camera, the video doorbell can pack a punch with its incredible features.

Want to learn more about how to increase in-home comfort through smart devices? Please browse other articles in the Learning Library.


What is the best video doorbell?

The best video doorbell will vary by customer as every user will have specific preferences regarding features and security. With this in mind, here are some that customers love.

  • Google Nest Hello
  • Ezviz DB1C
  • Remo bell S
  • Arlo Video doorbell
  • Ring video doorbell pro2
How do you install a video doorbell?

Video doorbells are often low voltage devices, so you can easily install them in a few steps.

  1. First, install the doorbell transformer.
  2. The transformer should link to an electrical junction box.
  3. Connect to the home's power supply.
  4. Attach the doorbells wires and chime to the screw terminals.
  5. Then locate the exterior wires.
  6. The exterior wires should be connected to the doorbell.
  7. Place the push button in the wall with screws.
  8. Attach the doorbell chime to the wall with screws and connect the doorbell wires with the terminals provided.
Can you recover a ring doorbell video that has been deleted?

No, once you delete the video it is permanent.

Is the Nest Hello video doorbell compatible with Alexa?

Yes, the Nest Hello video doorbell is compatible with Alexa.

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