The Top Five Smart Home Devices You Need This Holiday Season -
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The Top Five Smart Home Devices You Need This Holiday Season

Learn how smart home devices not only help you stay comfortable and protected but also give the gift of savings all year long.

The lights, the tree, the cooking, baking and beautifully wrapped packages are just a few things that families look forward to during the holidays. However, making merry moments for your family and friends can often come some long to-do lists and packed schedules.

With busy homeowners in mind, FirstEnergy Home has carefully reviewed and collected five types of smart devices that may help your home run smoother and more efficiently during the holiday season. P.S.: They also make great gifts for the adults on your shopping list.

Turn Up Your Savings and Comfort with a Smart Thermostat

The holidays can bring homeowners unique challenges with home heating and cooling. Holiday gatherings and parties can fill your home with more people than usual, and cooking and baking add even more warmth. Seasonal travel can take you away from home altogether. Smart thermostats can add convenience and control in both situations.

With a Wi-Fi connection, smart thermostats allow you to change the temperature of your home directly from your smartphone, whether you are entertaining guests in another room or you are celebrating across town. With the Google Nest Thermostat*, you can even change the temperature with your voice. Just say, “Hey Google, turn down the heat.” Convenient and simple, isn’t it?

The Honeywell Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat* also aligns with your lifestyle during the holidays. Set your heating and cooling schedule for optimal comfort and forget about it while you enjoy the festivities. Smart devices work hard for you in the background, keeping your family comfortable while saving on energy costs during the festive season.

Features to look for in smart thermostats include:

  • Is able to preset heating and cooling. Do this before guests arrive, and you’ll be ready for the celebrations ahead.
  • Uses motion sensors or your phone’s location to check whether you have left the house, so it can adjust accordingly.
  • Learns your family’s habits and works on saving you money as you hustle through the holidays.

Welcome Guests and Increase Home Security with a Video Doorbell

Whether it’s a holiday guest, a package handler or a neighbor leaving holiday greetings, you will never miss a visitor – or a package – with a video doorbell. Even greet and listen to your visitors loud and clear from any room, or from anywhere, with a Wi-Fi connection. Home or away, a video doorbell helps you stay aware of what is happening at your front door.

The Google Nest Doorbell (Wired)* streams 24/7 and alerts you even if a visitor doesn’t ring the bell. The camera captures large, crisp images so you can view packages on the ground or a person head-to-toe.

Video doorbells both wired and battery operated, offer additional control and security during the holiday season and beyond!

Your Wish Come True: A Personal Assistant for the Holidays

Almost everyone could use an assistant during the holiday season. Use a smart speaker to help with holiday tasks such as creating gifts and to-do lists. Schedule reminders, track airline flights and get package delivery alerts. You can even use smart speakers to order items on your gift list and keep track of their delivery dates.

Smart speakers can play holiday music in big, rich sound; make calls; send text messages; track the weather; give directions; and control other smart devices. You’re hired!

The Google Home Assistant Smart Speaker* and the Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker* respond to “Hey Google” to play music, answer your questions and control other smart devices – like your smart thermostat – at home.

Also, use the smart speaker to help create your holiday meals by finding recipes, getting help with measurements and being notified when your delicious meal is ready to serve.

Smart Plugs Automate Holiday Decorations and More

Smart plugs utilize your home Wi-Fi network to provide wireless control of small appliances like lamps, heaters, fans – even strings of lights – from your phone or tablet.

Simply insert the smart plug into an electrical outlet, plug in your holiday lights and you’ve got wireless control from almost anywhere. You can also control smart devices with your voice through tools such as the Google Home Assistant Smart Speaker* or the Google Nest Hub Max Smart Display*. Smart plugs can turn most electrical appliances in your home into smart devices. What a helpful stocking-stuffer for all the adults on your list!

Monitor Your Home from Anywhere with a Smart Camera

You’ve got a lot to keep track of during the holidays. Experience a bit more comfort and joy knowing what is happening both inside and outside your home while you are away. Security cameras work 24/7 anywhere you need them, from your living room to the backyard.

Google Nest Cam Indoor and Outdoor (Battery)* is weatherproof and streams in rain or shine, even holiday snow. It also sends alerts to your phone if motion or sound is detected, and you can act quickly using the Google Home app. Knowing your home is safe and secure can bring you a bit more holiday joy. 

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The Gift of Savings

Smart home devices not only help you stay comfortable and protected, but they also give the gift of savings all year long. ENERGY STAR® rated products use less energy, saving you money on electricity bills and helping to protect the environment by causing fewer harmful emissions from power plants. Giving or receiving these products will help you keep that merry feeling all year long.


How do I change a thermostat?

While all thermostats are different, and you’ll want to follow the guide included with your model, there are standard rules that apply to thermostat removal and installation. The steps are as follows:

  1. Turn off the power to your HVAC system at the main control panel.
  2. Remove your old thermostat, including the cover plate and device, leaving only exposed wiring.
  3. Prevent the wires from slipping back into the wall by taping them to the wall.
  4. If this is a smart thermostat, a C-wire is required. First, find the C-wire; if one does not exist, install a C-wire. This option may require the help of an electrician. There are also 24-volt adapter kits that provide a C-wire and plug into an outlet.
  5. Attach the new thermostat housing to the wall and connect the wires into the correct terminals.
  6. Attach the cover plate and turn on the power at the main control panel.
Are smart cameras wired or wireless?

Most smart cameras are wireless and communicate over Wi-Fi, much like the Google Nest Cam Indoor and Outdoor (Battery)*. Because of the wireless capabilities, most smart cameras cost less than wired cameras, and they are easy to move if needed. Plus, many smart cameras are wire-free because they are powered by battery as opposed to AC power.

Are smart plugs affordable?

Yes, smart plugs are affordable. When it comes to smart devices, smart plugs like the Philips Hue Indoor Smart Plug* or Wemo WiFi Smart Plug* are among the most affordable in the smart home products category.

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