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124 views | May 26, 2020

The Many Ways You’ll Benefit With Your Energy-Efficient Home

Learn how an energy-efficient home may benefit you and your family.

The Many Ways You’ll Benefit With Your Energy-Efficient Home

We all know we want more energy-efficient housing. It stands to reason, right? More efficient is just better than less efficient. For many of us, that’s about as much thought as we give it. Energy efficiency is a good thing, and no one would argue that point.

But why is it better? You might be surprised to know just how many ways you can save money, improve your life and help safeguard the planet -- by investing in energy-efficient actions and technologies both big and small.

Here ’s how the benefit to your family might break down1:

You could save on utility bills.

Maybe this is all the incentive you need. Today ’s smart home technology includes devices such as a smart thermostat. Program it once and it will maintain comfort levels while you’re home and reduce energy consumption when you’re not. Smart lighting systems and other smart devices can similarly adapt to your family’s lifestyle and optimize energy efficiency, which can result in lower utility bills.

You might minimize your home’s carbon footprint.

Smart devices are part of the Internet of Things (IoT), a digital technology that can be used to automate much of what you do around the home. Your smart home can be programmed to minimize your energy output when you’re not around to enjoy it anyway. Your planet will thank you.

You might find tax advantages.

The federal government and various states are willing to, in effect, contribute toward some of your energy conservation practices. For instance, the installation of solar energy systems, small wind turbines, geothermal heat pumps and fuel cells for the home can result in federal tax credits2. Various states also encourage energy conservation devices and practices with tax benefits. Ask your accountant how your greener choices might translate to tax savings.    

You could add significant value to your home.

By incorporating advanced technologies that turn your residence into a smart home, you might do even more than cut your electric bills and help make the planet greener. You might also boost the market value of your home. Real estate professionals are finding that “green” homes can sell for 9 percent more than comparable houses in the same neighborhood. That’s a significant bottom-line gain. 

You can increase your quality of life.

How can you not feel better about reducing your energy bills and contributing to the environment in a beneficial way? In the process, you might find ways of automating processes around the home that save your family time and effort and provide overall comfort and convenience. 

You ’ll even be doing your part to help boost the economy.

America is on the verge of a very exciting “green economy.” In fact, the work is already underway. The United States’ renewable energy economy now generates $1.3 trillion a year and employs up to 9.5 million Americans3. These workers are designing and building electric vehicles, constructing greener homes and commercial spaces and contributing to a more vibrant and sustainable economy in countless other ways.

Take action now, and you ’ll be doing your part to contribute to this dynamic new renewable energy economy. At the same time your actions might help you cut your own energy costs, add comfort and convenience and improve your home life.
There are exciting times ahead!