The Best Apartment-Friendly Smart Home Devices
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The Best Apartment-Friendly Smart Home Devices

This article will highlight some smart apartment ideas that may be beneficial for your available space.

Just because you live in an apartment doesn't mean you can't enjoy the benefits of smart home automation. Many devices are suitable for smaller spaces, and you just need to find the best smart devices that cater to the size of your space. There is a wide range of products and smart apartment solutions to meet the needs of renters.

Any apartment can be transformed into a smart home. To understand how to make your apartment a smart home, you need to consider which devices work best in smaller spaces. The best smart home devices will blend seamlessly with your decor. This article will highlight some smart apartment ideas that may be beneficial for your available space.

What to Consider When Automating an Apartment

Quite often, those living in an apartment are renting, so it's important to purchase portable smart devices you can take with you if you move. . The devices mentioned in this article can easily be uninstalled without damaging an apartment.

A smart apartment needs thoughtful planning because space may be at a premium. The following is a list of apartment accessories and smart devices that may prove beneficial for smaller spaces.

Controlling Your Smart Apartment

All smart devices can be controlled from a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, after installing the app. However, some smart devices are compatible with voice assistants for voice commanded control and management. Here are some potential additions to any apartment because of their size, functionality, and affordability.

Digital Assistant

The Google Nest Hub Gen 2 Digital Assistant is an affordable option. This small device packs a punch when it comes to features and functionality. With Google Assistant built-in, the Nest Hub allows you to view and control your compatible connected smart devices from a single dashboard, set your calendar on the voice assistant and listen to music while you're cooking. Use your voice to watch Netflix, YouTube and more, on the 7-inch touchscreen or listen to your favorite music. You can also have your daily schedule read to you, or listen to traffic and weather updates before heading to work.

Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker

For those looking for the best speakers for their apartment, the Google Nest Mini may be the way to go. Nothing is more convenient for small spaces than a compact device you control with your voice. Music sounds bigger and richer on these smart speakers. Ask Google about the news or weather, or hear your schedule and reminders. You can set timers and alarms and even control other compatible smart devices. The Nest Mini will blend into your apartment because it looks great on a nightstand, shelf, or countertop. And each color can complement an entryway, living room, bedroom, or kitchen.

The devices' minimal design and compact size can easily fit into an apartment without looking out of place. And it's also a pocket-friendly option for renters on a budget, which is why it's perfect for apartment living.

Philips Hue White and Color Single E26 Bulb

Smart lighting can quickly transform your apartment into a smart space. Perfect for apartments, a smart LED bulb can provide various color options, including warm and cool light. It can be monitored and controlled remotely through your smartphone, with voice commands, or from the Hue Bridge, making it incredibly convenient. In addition, these bulbs are reliable and can help save both money and energy in the long run.

A well-lit apartment is much safer to ward off intruders and when you come home alone. The Philips Hue White and Color Single E26 Bulb will ensure that your apartment is always illuminated, no matter where you are. And, if you move, simply unscrew the bulbs and take them with you.

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs are a great way to add smart automation to your apartment. These affordable smart devices allow you to control conventional devices and small appliances around the house from your smartphone or voice assistant. Smart plugs use your Wi-Fi network to provide wireless control of lamps, coffee pot, space heaters, fans, and more.

Simply plug the smart plug into an electrical outlet, connect a device to the smart plug and control your device from the app on your smartphone or by using your voice with a compatible voice assistant. Smart plugs are small and portable, which are great for apartments and taking with you when you go.

Google Nest Cam

For those who spend a lot of time away from their apartment, smart cameras are a good security device. Keep an eye on things via a crystal-clear 1080p HD live video feed right on your smartphone.

A smart video camera allows you to monitor a child left alone with a babysitter or a pet that needs extra attention. Plus, any sound or motion is immediately reported to your smartphone alerts so that you are in complete control of all activity taking place throughout the apartment.

The Google Nest Cam is perfect for apartments with its quick and easy setup. Just plug it in and download the app to start monitoring an area of your apartment. Plus, you'll receive activity alerts on your phone, so you'll always know if anything happens while you're away. Other cool features include talk and listen, night vision, and a 24/7 live video feed.

Smart Doorbell

Smart doorbells are an excellent security option that can help you monitor the entrance. Since an apartment generally has only one entrance, a smart doorbell ensures you'll always know if anyone is at the door, providing some peace of mind. The Nest doorbell for apartments is a perfect device for renters.

With the Google Nest Hello video doorbell, you'll get an alert and be able to talk to visitors at your door from anywhere. You can hear visitors loud and clear whether they ring the bell or not, or you can check on packages left outside your door. 24/7 streaming lets you check in anytime and view a 3-hour snapshot history to see what you missed.

It should be noted that a smart doorbell is only applicable in a home rental, a duplex or a multi-unit with exterior entrances and existing doorbells, and you would still need the landlord’s permission to install this device.

Honeywell Home Wi-Fi Touchscreen Color Thermostat

One of the most popular smart devices is the smart thermostat, which creates the perfect atmosphere by adjusting the temperature to the user's preferred temperature from learned patterns. In addition, the full-color display will show the time, temperature, humidity, and weather forecasts, making it a great addition to any apartment.

The Honeywell Home Wi-Fi Touchscreen Color Thermostat is a great smart thermostat for apartments and smaller homes. It's an Energy Star® certified smart thermostat that can be controlled from a smartphone and works seamlessly with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for convenient control so you can keep an eye on your apartment's temperature from anywhere.

It should be noted that a smart thermostat may not be compatible with your apartment’s heating system and you will need the landlord’s permission to install this device.

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A smart apartment is no different from a smart home. It provides all the smart technology that makes automation so enjoyable. The difference with the devices listed in this article is that they are portable, so renters can take them when they move. They are compact, so they fit the décor of almost any smaller space. And they are easily installed, so there's no rewiring or remodeling involved.


How can I turn my rented apartment into a smart home?

Smart home automation is similar, whether you own a house or an apartment. However, it is important to keep in mind that all gadgets should be somewhat portable if one has to move. Therefore, the smart devices you buy must not be permanently installed so that nothing has to be left behind. Not only is this convenient, but it can also help you save money when automating your new home.

Does an apartment need a smart lock?

An apartment complex may require visitors to go through some security before reaching the door. A smart lock for an apartment may not be an absolute necessity and may not contribute to the security as it would with a home; however, it can still add an extra layer of safety and peace of mind, which may be helpful for those who live alone.

Can smart gadgets be installed at home?

Depending on what kind of gadget you buy, smart gadgets can be installed at home with a few basic skills and the right tools. Usually, these products come with an easy-to-follow manual, which helps with the installation. However, certain appliances may require professional assistance.

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