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Smart Home Products for Your Bedroom

This article will show some of the more popular and affordable smart devices for your bedroom. Most of the devices can improve the aesthetics of a bedroom while offering comfort and convenience.

When you decide to renovate a home, you can spend countless hours thinking about making it aesthetically pleasing and more convenient. While some of us invest a lot in making our homes pretty, most of us now invest in smart technology to make our lives easier. The idea of a smart home may intimidate some homeowners because it looks like an expensive investment. However, it is not as costly as one might think. You can choose suitable smart devices and equip your home one step at a time instead of all at once.

This article will show some of the more popular and affordable smart devices for your bedroom. Most of the devices can improve the aesthetics of a bedroom while offering comfort and convenience.

Smart Lighting Control System

Lighting is one of the best places to start with home automation. Automated lighting is an excellent addition to a bedroom because of the convenience it offers and its simplicity to install. Like many other smart devices, smart lights are controllable from a smartphone. However, if you choose smart lights compatible with voice assistants, you can also use your voice to control bedroom lights. For example, say, "Hey Google, turn off my bedroom lights," after you've finished reading.

You can also set the bedroom lights to an automated schedule for your lights to turn on or off automatically. Automating lights is also great for home security because scheduling the lights will give the impression of someone being at home. In addition, some smart lights include motion detection sensors. These motion detectors ensure that the lights turn on only when someone is in the room, saving unnecessary energy consumption. Sensors play an essential role in the smart home ecosystem, allowing for increased personalization and automation.

When purchasing smart lights without motion-sensing technology, a smart motion sensor is a great option. For example, a motion sensor in the bedroom can prevent accidents by providing proper illumination as the occupant moves around, particularly at night. This feature is also important for seniors, who may live alone or with their spouses.

Smart Ceiling Fan

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your bedroom can be a challenge, especially when the air conditioning and heating impact your electricity bill. However, a smart ceiling fan in the bedroom can keep you cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Smart fans are energy efficient because you can set schedules along with the air conditioner to minimize energy consumption. Additionally, they have timers and motion detectors that turn the fan on or off when the room reaches a set temperature, making them a popular home automation device.

Smart fans have many benefits besides energy efficiency. For example, they are easily programmed and controlled remotely from your smartphone. You can also use your phone to monitor the temperature of the room. And, much like smart lights, smart ceiling fans can be integrated with voice assistants for voice control.

Smart Plug

Smart homes are conducive to saving energy and improving home security. However, transitioning to smart devices can be expensive. But some don’t cost much at all. Affordable devices, like smart plugs, can automate your home and turn conventional devices into smart ones. Smart plugs are also referred to as smart sockets and smart outlets. Smart plug functionality makes them beneficial as they can integrate with other smart and traditional systems.

Smart plugs resemble an outlet adapter. Once you attach regular appliances like bedside table lamps or fans to a smart plug, you can control those devices from your smartphone. Some smart plugs are also compatible with voice assistants, allowing you to control them with voice commands. The smart plug is easy to use and doesn't require a separate smart hub.

Some smart plugs also utilize IFTTT (If This Then That) technology that does not require manual input. Smart plugs come in many shapes and sizes, but most need as little space as possible. A smart plug has many advantages, and one of the major ones is improving home network connectivity. Another advantage is decreasing the energy consumption of attached appliances because you can automate or schedule your smart plug.

Smart Blinds and Shades

Blinds have become a popular smart product because they don't require much maintenance and are a perfect addition to a modern home. Smart blinds are motorized and customizable to the size of your window or glass door. Traditional blinds can be a nuisance and, more importantly, cause an unsafe environment where children and pets can get entangled in the strings. Since smart blinds are motorized, they are ideal for any window in the house, especially bedroom windows, because of the smartphone or voice assistant control.

Energy efficiency is another benefit of smart blinds. Scheduling them to open and close at specific times can increase energy efficiency and significantly lower utility bills. Some more advanced smart blinds also have sensors that measure light and heat entering the room and automatically adjust. Smart blinds can also integrate with compatible smart devices, like thermostats and lights. For instance, if the lights go on, the smart blinds will close, or vice versa.

Google Audio & Nest Hub Max

Smart speakers with voice assistants are often the control hub of the smart home ecosystem. But smart displays, like the Nest Hub Max, are growing in popularity, especially in the bedroom. For example, users can set alarms and establish a morning routine using a smart display and access a video doorbell or network camera feed, all from the comfort of their bed. This device adds a whole new level of convenience to the bedroom.

Google Nest Hub Max with built-in Google Assistant can help your family stay in touch and on track. You can leave important video messages for the kids, make video calls from bed, and check in at home when you're away with the built-in Nest Cam. View your calendar, commute, weather, and more, while staying entertained on the 10-inch HD screen and stereo speakers.

If you are looking for more than just a voice assistant, the Nest Audio is an incredible speaker that's all about superior sound. 75% Louder than the original Google Home, with 50% more bass, get bedroom-filling sound for your music, podcasts, and more. Just say "Hey Google" to conveniently control your lights, thermostat, and other smart devices from the comfort of your primary bedroom.

Air Disinfector

An air disinfector is a must in the bedroom for those with allergies or trouble sleeping. It is important to disinfect the air in bedrooms because of the importance of a good night's sleep. Air disinfectors clean the air by removing allergens and bacteria that may linger. These allergens may be especially problematic for those with asthma or other respiratory diseases.

Bedrooms often have lingering fumes from perfumes, sanitizers, hair spray, and other aerosol-related compounds that could trigger asthmatics. While some may seem harmless, they can give off dangerous fumes, and a disinfector can keep a bedroom free from these chemicals, along with impurities coming through forced air ducts.

The nUVo™ Traveler is a portable disinfection device that you can use in the bedroom, then bring along in the car to use at work. It runs on up to 4 hour rechargeable batteries or a USB power source. Designed for 99.9%+ disinfection of airborne pathogens such as mold, bacteria, and viruses, including influenza and coronavirus and its variants. It’s perfect for disinfecting the air in your bedroom, and then anywhere else in the house because you can take it anywhere.

Smart Devices for Other Bedrooms

Other bedrooms like the kids' rooms can also be equipped with smart home devices that are convenient to both children and parents. For example, smart light motion sensors can illuminate a room as soon as a child enters, eliminating the need for the child to find the wall switch or lamp and preventing falls and mishaps.

New parents would want to introduce smart security monitoring and temperature-controlled devices into their baby's room. Along with smart thermostats, which are great for automating and remotely controlling the temperature, smart thermostat sensors can prioritize the temperature in a specific area or bedroom of the house –complementing the functions of smart thermostats.

Room temperature plays a significant role in the comfort level in a bedroom. It can improve sleep and help prevent temperature-related asthma and allergy symptoms. When coupled with a smart humidifier or dehumidifier, smart thermostats and vents can also assist in maintaining the optimum level of humidity in a room, reducing the formation of bacteria, viruses, and fungi to which children are particularly vulnerable.

Smart Camera

Placing a camera in a child's room can provide parents with peace of mind. The indoor Google Nest Cam is perfectly designed for bedrooms because of its quick and easy setup. Just plug it in and download the app to get started. Then you can monitor your child whether they're sleeping or playing with friends. Plus, you'll receive activity alerts on your phone, so you'll always know if anything happens, even when you're out. Other cools features include a talk and listen function, night vision, and a 24/7 live video feed.

Google Nest Mini

A voice assistant is an ideal smart device for a child's room. The Nest Mini's compact size and affordable price make it one of the more popular smart speaker voice assistants on the market. This device is perfect as a homework assistant, entertainment provider, schedule reminder, and morning alarm for a child. It can also be used as an intercom when paired with Google Nest Audio. Just say, "Hey Google," to broadcast messages on every Nest speaker and display in the house.

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Final Thoughts

If you want to add comfort and convenience to bedrooms at home, any or all of these smart devices should be considered. They can alleviate some restlessness associated with better sleep, from turning off the lights at night to opening the shades in the morning or hearing your daily schedule as you wake up.

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