Smart Home Products for the Living Room
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Smart Home Products for the Living Room

A smart living room transformation can be as small as a smart bulb or as large as a smart home theatre. This article will try to uncomplicate the process and give you some ideas of which devices may work in your living room.

A smart home can be as minimal or as extravagant as one wants. Many smart homes may feel complete with only the essentials; this means a home security system, a smart thermostat, and even smart lighting. But sometimes, a homeowner's needs may extend beyond the basics, and they might want to expand the scope of smart technology by adding more specific features.

An essential part of a home is its hallway entrance, and enhancing this area can significantly impact the look and feel of the entire house. Whether a homeowner wants to install the best home automation system or add more smart gadgets to the existing system, an entrance area is the perfect place to begin.

The smart home products listed below can turn any hallway entrance into an automated functional space while adding much-needed security.

Homeowners may find the idea of a smart home both fascinating and intimidating. While it may be a drastic change, a smart home can add many positive benefits for the lives of those residing within its walls. Smart home devices can even make the most mundane tasks seem fun and easy.

Smart home systems can offer users numerous benefits, but convenience, energy efficiency, and security are most common. In addition, most smart systems can be automated, scheduled, or managed remotely or by voice for complete control.

The living room is often the center of all activity, making it a great focal point for smart home devices. A smart living room transformation can be as small as a smart bulb or as large as a smart home theatre. This article will try to uncomplicate the process and give you some ideas of which devices may work in your living room.

Smart Thermostat

Without a doubt, smart thermostats are the most popular smart home device, and for a good reason. This handy upgrade from a traditional thermostat will start paying dividends immediately. It includes a robust palette of features, functions, and smart technology that genuinely impacts a home.

A smart thermostat learns the temperatures you like and programs itself. This smart feature will help save energy and keep you comfortable. The geofencing technology enables the thermostat to know when you're around and automatically adjusts the temperature to your preference. It’s also a good idea to install the new smart thermostat in an area where the family spends the most time, often in the living room. This setup makes sense because it will ensure the comfort of that area.

Because of the thermostat's connection to Wi-Fi, you can control the heating and cooling from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. If you have a compatible voice assistant, you can tell the assistant to turn down the temperature for even more convenience. Ensure efficiency by checking your energy history from your mobile device or on the thermostat's display.

Of the many smart thermostats on the market, the Google Nest Learning Thermostat remains a long-time favorite. It is the first smart thermostat to earn the coveted ENERGY STAR certification. Nest thermostats save an average of 10% to 12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills. That means it can pay for itself in under two years.*

The Nest Learning Thermostat also automatically adjusts itself to an Eco Temperature when you're gone, preventing unnecessary heating or cooling. And, so you know when it's working, the Nest Leaf will appear when you're saving energy.

* Individual savings are not guaranteed

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Smart Lighting

Smart bulbs are the easiest way to get started on your smart living room. Just connect the bulbs to your Wi-Fi network, download the app and you can dim, brighten and schedule your lights the way you want. Then, control your lights remotely from your smartphone, when you're home or away. Many smart lights are compatible with a wide range of smart systems and devices, like voice assistants, smart thermostats, and more. So now, a voice command can turn on the living room lights.

Smart lights also reduce energy use because most smart lights use CFL or LED bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs, reducing the amount of electricity required to light the living room. LED bulbs even have a longer life, so they don't need replacing as often. Customizing smart lights is great for your morning and evening routines; program the lights to turn on and off at certain times automatically.

Adding smart lighting into the living room lets you adjust for various activities like reading, watching TV, or setting the mood for entertaining. Smart lights can even add a little more security. If you're out or on vacation, schedule the lights to come on to make it seem like someone is home, or you can do it directly from your phone at your beachfront resort.

Smart Speaker

To take full advantage of your smart living room, a smart speaker with a voice assistant is a great choice. The voice assistant does more than just allow you to manage your smart devices. For example, these smart devices will enable you to play music from Spotify, YouTube Music, and more or listen to your favorite podcast. You can also ask about the news, weather, traffic, or anything else. In addition, it's a great device to schedule calendar reminders, set timers and alarms, and control your compatible smart devices.

A voice assistant saves time, removing a lot of tasks from a homeowner's daily routine. You can ask it questions or get recommendations for local restaurants. The Google Nest Mini is the perfect device for your living room because of its small size. And along with controlling the lights and thermostat, with a compatible smart TV, you can say, "Hey Google, turn off the TV" or "Turn the TV to ESPN." The possibilities are endless for this affordable smart device.

Want to add a few more features to your smart speaker? Check out the Google Nest Audio. This device is all about superior sound. The Nest Audio adapts to your environment and whatever you're listening to, so the music will sound better. It also works together with your other Nest speakers and displays, Chromecast-enabled devices, or compatible speakers. Use your Nest speakers as an intercom and chat from room to room. Just say, "Hey Google," to broadcast messages on every Nest speaker and display in the house.

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs can convert almost any device or appliance into a smart one. The smart outlet is also a great place to start for anyone considering smart home automation but isn't quite sure about it yet. Smart plugs are a convenient way to control living room devices. Just plug in your appliances and control a table lamp, fan or air purifier, or even a Christmas tree during the holidays.

The great thing about a smart plug, like the Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Plug, it lets you control your electronic devices from your mobile device. The Smart Plug uses your home Wi-Fi network to provide wireless control of lamps, heaters, fans, small appliances, and more. Plug the smart plug into an electrical outlet, plug a device into the Smart Plug and control your device from your smartphone or by using your voice with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant. This device can transform your living room into a veritable smart space.

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Smart home automation is a big step for any homeowner, but it's easier if you break it down into small steps. Focusing on different parts of the home, based on how often they are used, is a good way to begin the process

The devices listed in this article are a great way to add comfort and convenience to your living room. But there are many more products to think about, including smart TVs, streaming media players, smart home theatre, smart remote control, smart soundbars, and many other devices. And these devices could be compatible with your other devices within your connected ecosystem.

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