Smart Home Products for the Kitchen
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Smart Home Products for the Kitchen

Learn how your kitchen can benefit from smart devices.

Technology is developing faster than ever, and new innovative smart devices make the future exciting. Chores have now become more manageable and automated due to this technological advancement. The kitchen in particular, is a part of the house that has benefitted the most from these smart advancements.

What is a Smart Kitchen?

A smart kitchen features kitchen-centric smart appliances that are evolving to include automation technology geared at improving convenience and control in food preparation, food storage, and kitchen clean-up. Major appliance manufacturers are rolling out connected appliances from smart toasters to smart refrigerators and even kitchen faucets with voice-activated technology. These appliances often include smart features such as remote access, mobile control, scheduling, fault detection, maintenance analytics, safety sensors, automatic food reordering, and open door or unattended alerts.

A smart kitchen will contain smart cooking appliances and other devices that may indirectly aid with cooking and entertaining. The kitchen is often a high-traffic area or central gathering place in the home for family and guests. Let's take a look at some of these automated devices that can transform a kitchen.

Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker

A voice assistant is ideal for the kitchen, especially when your hands are occupied while cooking or doing kitchen chores. For example, the Google Nest Mini Smart Speaker can explain a recipe you're trying to cook. In addition, it can provide measurements and act as a timer. Or maybe you want to listen to some music while you cook; this smart speaker can be extremely useful in the kitchen.

However, if you want a device with the same functionality but better sound quality, take a look at the Google Nest Audio. This device is all about superior sound. The Nest Audio adapts to your environment, and whatever you're listening to, so the music will sound better. It also works together with your other Nest speakers and displays, Chromecast-enabled devices, or compatible speakers. Use your Nest speakers as an intercom and chat from room to room. Just say, "Hey Google," to broadcast messages on every Nest speaker and display in the house.

Smart Indoor Lighting

Smart lighting is trendy these days, not only for convenience but also for the ambiance it creates. In the kitchen, smart light bulbs can be more effective when paired with a voice assistant. For example, if it's too bright and the lights are giving you a headache, just say, "Hey Google, dim the lights." These lights can also be set to a schedule or controlled from your mobile device, allowing for complete automated convenience. Plus, tunable-white lights allow you to adjust the lighting environment between brighter work and cooking modes and softer dinner/entertainment modes easily.

Wemo Smart Plug

Smart plugs are incredibly convenient. A Smart Plug uses your Wi-Fi to provide wireless control of any of your kitchen appliances. Simply plug the Smart Plug into an electrical outlet, plug a kitchen appliance into the Smart Plug and control the appliance from your smartphone or tablet or even with your voice from your voice assistant.

Google Nest Hub Gen 2

This device is the perfect kitchen accessory. The Google Nest Hub has a 7-inch touchscreen display and includes a built-in voice assistant. Tell the assistant to pull up a recipe on YouTube or let the kids watch Netflix, so they stop bothering you. Play your favorite music while cooking, get answers from Google about cooking-related questions, or simply display your favorite pictures from Google Photos. In addition, this device allows you to control your compatible connected smart devices from a single dashboard.

Want to add some features, plus a bigger screen and speakers? The Nest Hub Max may be the perfect smart display. It includes features like the Google Assistant, just like the Nest Hub Gen 2, but also includes a Nest Cam that allows users to leave video messages and make video calls.

Smart Ceiling Fan

Smart ceiling fans work via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Like many other devices, you can control your smart fan through your smartphone or with voice commands on your voice assistant.

Smart Blinds and Smart Shades

Smart blinds are automated and easy to install. Smart blinds are great for a connected kitchen. Some smart blinds can be integrated with smart lighting and other systems like smart speakers and smart thermostats. Depending on your settings, the smart shades can operate in conjunction with things such as when the furnace comes on. And, of course, they're controllable from your smartphone and through voice commands.

Smart Refrigerator

A smart refrigerator includes many smart and helpful features. Some models include a touchscreen and video feed, allowing you to glimpse inside your smart refrigerator from anywhere to see what you need to buy at the grocery store while shopping. There are also smart features like expiration date trackers, meal planning, music and video streaming, calendars and schedules, and the ability to see who's at the front door from your smart doorbell or smart camera. In addition, smart refrigerators include other advantages like:

  • Conserve energy – Alerts are sent to the user if the refrigerator door is left open. It also makes ice during times that conserve the most electricity.
  • Improve food safety – Tracking food expiration dates, notifying the user if the temperature set-point changes, taking measures to boost the internal temperature during high usage, and informing the user when filters need to be changed.
  • Increase convenience – Cameras enable remote access to the refrigerator, integrated apps to order groceries and create shopping lists, notifying the user when the ice maker is full, or voice control of the appliance's functions.
Smart Kitchen Appliances

Let’s take a brief look at a few other smart kitchen essentials. Smart blenders, mugs, multicookers, sous vides, coffee pots, ovens, pot stirrers, soap dispensers, and even indoor gardens. Most of us use some of these items on a daily basis. A few of the more obscure items, like the sous vide, may be used for special occasions but still handy to have around.

The smart technology common to all of these devices is the wireless connectivity. This connectivity enables users to control these smart appliances from their smartphone, whether it’s creating a schedule or keeping an eye on the progress. More than a few of these smart kitchen appliances are even compatible with voice assistants, so you can control them with a voice command. Some devices include other useful smart functions, like self-detect technology, built-in timers, and automatic shut offs for safety and energy efficiency.

Water Leak Detectors

There is nothing worse than a leak under the kitchen sink, especially if you're entertaining guests. It's always cramped down there, and the drain is hard to reach. So, get in front of these unforeseen leaks with a smart leak detector. This device is your first line of defense against water damage. It will send an alert to your phone the moment it senses a leak, giving you valuable time to prevent an all-out burst.

Installing a water leak detector at the kitchen sink can help you stay ahead of water leak damage. Water damage can be expensive, and an affordable water sensor can save you from costly repairs and expensive water bills. A smart water leak detector is a good decision for kitchens, bathrooms, and basements, or anywhere with running water. Leak detectors are simple to install, so a service call to a plumber will not be needed.

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Final Thoughts

A smart kitchen can be as smart and automated as you'd like. You can start small with a voice assistant and smart lights and then move on to smart appliances when it's time to upgrade. It will save you time on monotonous tasks while allowing you to explore more exotic cuisines. The kitchen is one of the most essential parts of your home and transforming it into an automated smart kitchen will have your family and friends staring in amazement. Smart appliances have become extremely popular because of their convenient smart features that turn manual tasks into voice commands, especially for people working long hours and preparing meals quickly.

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How does a smart kitchen work?

A smart kitchen is connected to smart devices which communicate via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to automate manual and monotonous tasks.

What Are the best kitchen appliances?

This article includes some of the most popular smart kitchen appliances on the market. Each smart device has its share of positive customer reviews.

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