Smart Home Products for Back-To-School -
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Smart Home Products for Back-To-School

What better way to get your home ready for the school year than turning it into a smart home. This article will explain the different smart home products, their convenience, and various smart home systems.

It's that time of year for students and parents where back-to-school preparations are in full swing. This process may involve purchasing school supplies and maybe some new clothes or uniforms. However, often overlooked is assembling a viable home learning space, where students spend countless hours on homework and studying.

Many smart home devices can turn a drab and mundane corner of the house into a stress-relieving learning sanctuary. These smart products can add an extra level of comfort, convenience, and advanced functionality to a student's life. Smart devices can also aid busy or working parents who want to know their kids are safe while monitoring their activities through remote access.

What better way to get your home ready for the school year than turning it into a smart home. It may sound expensive, but many options for smart home devices are priced within every budget range.

Many have chosen to invest in multiple components when building a smart home—smart bulbs, sensors, speakers, and security cameras—and connect each device to a central hub that allows them to communicate through smartphones. But this method of building a smart home will cost both time and money.

So, if your smart home needs are simple, a few affordable products should be more than capable of delivering almost the same level of convenience that high-end smart home devices can provide but on a more modest budget.

And, if the smart home devices are compatible with one another, then homeowners can expand their smart homes over time. This article will explain the different smart home products, their convenience, and various smart home systems.

Smart Home Products

The very best smart home products have the unique capability of anticipating a user's needs by reacting to their lifestyle and creating curated settings before they are even programmed. This type of smart product comes in entertainment devices, smart thermostats, smart cameras, smart door locks, and more.

Another benefit of smart devices is their ability to create a more cost-effective and energy-efficient home. In addition, when smart home devices are compatible with each other and the home network, they have a wider range of functionality.

Just imagine having control over every aspect of your home via a single app on your smartphone. Here are some smart home products to help you do just that.

Smart Thermostats

There are still only limited smart home devices that can live up to a smart thermostat's ability to deliver comfort, convenience, and cost and energy savings. Smart thermostats allow parents to schedule a specific temperature for when kids will be getting home from school. Parents can get phone notifications when temperature settings are changed and they can even go a step further and lock the temperature from the app if needed.

These devices can detect when homeowners are present so that the HVAC system is only operating when necessary. The latest trend for Wi-Fi thermostats is sensor-based activation. For example, sensors can be placed in rooms occupied the most. As a result, the smart thermostats operate more efficiently based on occupancy, instead of triggering heating and cooling cycles based on a thermostat's location, usually in a hallway.

Honeywell Home smart thermostats are an excellent place to begin. For example, the Honeywell Home T9 Smart Thermostat with Sensor focuses on more than one room for comfort right where it matters most, providing an optimal temperature in the bedroom. As a result, the T9 is perfect when it comes to comfort and savings.

Smart Door Locks

Many smart home devices provide connectivity, convenience, safety, and peace of mind to homeowners, but none of these smart devices feel as life-changing as smart door locks. Smart locks provide safe and easy key-free access for kids coming home from school. In addition, parents can give their kids simple passcodes or utilize remote access from their phones to unlock the door and lock it behind them.

The most notable and significant improvement smart technology introduced to door locks was the ability to finally go keyless. While keypads have been around for years, smart locks are different. For example, many smart locks include features that recognize smartphone apps, key codes, or biometric fingerprint scans.

The August Smart Lock 3rd Gen and Google Nest X Yale Lock are great smart door locks to consider. These smart door locks provide secure keyless entry and the ability to lock and unlock the door through the app on a smartphone.

These smart door locks allow users to program their locks to provide access to specific people. Even better, most of these devices offer more complex programming, such as allowing a housekeeper or repairman temporary access while the homeowner is out.

Home Security Smart Cameras

When thinking about how smart technology improves life at home, smart cameras may not be on the list of priority devices. But smart cameras can provide a unique sense of safety and security to any home, especially during back-to-school season.

Smart cameras use facial recognition technology and provide remote security monitoring through smartphones. In addition, these devices send real-time notifications and alerts.

Also, let's not forget how smart cameras provide peace of mind in knowing that our home and loved ones are safe. For example, Google Nest Cam Indoor and Google Nest Cam Outdoor can be utilized to see when kids get home from school, who's with them, and check in if they're running later than usual.

Most indoor and outdoor wireless camera systems include features, such as night vision, motion detection, and a live video feed on the app – from anywhere.

Smart Garage Door Openers

When it comes to garages, smart technology has delivered some of the most unexpected improvements. For example, smart garage door openers no longer require manual input. New technology allows smart garage doors to be opened using geofencing technology. The garage door will sense when the user's smartphone is within range and automatically open the door.

A smart garage opener can provide even more security with a dual garage/interior door smart access system, perfect for the kids when you're not home. It also gives parents remote access, allowing kids to grab bikes, balls, or toys from the garage after school.

The myQ Smart Garage Door Opener provides an innovative way to control the garage door via the app on a smartphone. The app can be used to monitor and control the garage door from anywhere in the world. Plus, users receive phone alerts when the door is opened or closed. This smart garage door opener will undoubtedly provide more convenience and security.

Smart Home Bundles

For those new to the world of smart homes, it may be overwhelming trying to decide where to start. However, some packages include just what you need to get started with smart home technology. These smart bundles include excellent products that will complement any high school or college student's back-to-school transition. Plus, these devices are all compatible with each other, which will add a much-needed level of convenience.

Smart Starter Package

For convenient control of the lights and school devices, there are smart lights and a smart plug that are essential for any workspace. Control the lights and devices from an app or just your voice with a smart speaker. The perfect back-to-school smart bundle includes Sengled smart bulbs, a Wemo smart plug, and the Google Nest Mini. The smart bulbs and smart plug work seamlessly with the Google Nest Mini to provide hands-free voice control over your devices; plus, if you need some practice test questions answered, then ask Google.

Advanced Smart Package

This advanced back-to-school smart bundle includes the best from the starter package – Sengled smart bulbs and the Wemo smart plug – but adds even more convenience and functionality with the Google Nest Audio speaker and a Google Nest Indoor Cam. So, besides the convenience benefit for those hard at work on their studies, kids can take a break and listen to some music with the high-fidelity sound of the Google Nest Audio speaker. In addition, the Google Nest Indoor Cam lets you keep an eye on the kids while you are away so you can see when they come and go and who they might be with after school.

Advantages of Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices are there to improve your life and instill peace of mind. Here are a few benefits that are common among smart home devices:

  • Safety: Smart home devices allow you to keep your home and loved ones safe, whether the kids are online learning or playing after school. Smart locks, thermostats, cameras, and more, can provide kids with an extra level of safety.
  • Convenience: Smart home devices make life more convenient by allowing you to control your home right from your fingertips or by using your voice, including regulating the lights, temperature, locks, and more.
  • Remote Access: Most, if not all, smart home devices can be accessed remotely from an app on a mobile device, as long as there's an internet connection. This access allows parents to monitor the comings and goings of their kids after school.
  • Cost-Effective and Energy-Efficient: Smart home devices such as smart thermostats can enable energy-efficient heating and cooling schedules that will allow you to save on energy and your utility bills.

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The convenience aspect of smart home devices cannot be minimized. The benefits of smart devices can add comfort to any home, from managing all smart home devices from one central hub to enhanced device functionality. There's also the remote control aspect, which could be the most significant benefit of a smart home; turn off the lights or turn up the thermostat from the comfort of your bed. And finally, smart home products offer improved energy efficiency and overall cost savings.

Many more smart home products not covered in this article can add convenience, functionality, and increased productivity as kids are back in school. In addition, these smart home devices can offer students a more comfortable and efficient home to study their school work. Parents can also take advantage of these back-to-school devices to monitor and help provide a safer environment for their kids. To learn more about other smart home products, visit the FirstEnergy Home Learning Library.