New Home Checklist
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New Home Checklist

We have gathered some tips for you to help tackle all of the complexities of moving.

Things To Do Before You Move

New home? Here are some checklist items to make your move smoother.

You signed on the dotted line and purchased your new home – congratulations! Along with the excitement comes a laundry list of “to-dos” both at your current residence and your new home. Setting up utilities, changing your address and completing home repair projects are most likely on your mind. Where to begin? To help you tackle all the complexities of moving, we’ve gathered some tips for you.

  • 1. Find a local home improvement retailer
    If you are moving across town or across the country, then you will need a local home improvement retailer close by. Look for one that stocks much of what you will need for your new home and offers discounts on what you need for home improvement. A retailer like Sam’s Club®* offers groceries, furniture, lighting, lawn care and smart home products, and it is a popular choice for new homeowners. The retailer also offers discounts for new members.
  • Sam’s Club also offers online shopping, where you can stock your shelves without leaving home. Saving time and money is a win-win when you are getting ready to move.
  • 2. Do a walk-through of your new – and empty – home
    If you are able, then do a walk-through of your new residence before moving day. The home was most likely staged for selling the last time you visited, and now is the time to see it as a blank canvas. This step gives you the opportunity to envision – and measure – where your own furniture and accessories will fit in your new space. With this in mind, directing movers on your move-in day just got a lot easier.
  • It’s also important to check that all agreed-upon repairs were made and determine the working order of all outlets, switches and fixtures. Are all the appliances left behind that were purchased with your home? Now is the time to list any items that you need to purchase for home improvement.
  • 3. Set up utilities and connectivity
    Increase the comfort and efficiency of your moving day with working utilities and connectivity. Electricity, heat, gas and water are basic needs, as well as internet and cable. Before you move is the best time to review new service packages, hardware and connectivity products to fit your current needs in your new home.
  • Having trouble finding local providers of cable and internet in your new neighborhood? FirstEnergy Home can help. Remember to schedule these appointments in advance and during times when you are able to be present at your new residence.
  • This may also be the best time to upgrade the thermostat in your new home. Smart thermostats increase your control and comfort, and updated features also allow you to program your heating and cooling for efficiency or to balance room temperature depending on the number of occupants. And updated thermostats are a great way to begin the smart home journey.
  • 4. Locate the utility terminals of your home
    Being prepared brings peace of mind. It’s important to know in advance where your circuit breaker, fuse box and water valves are located in case of an emergency, or for repairs in the future. If a pipe bursts, then you don’t want to waste valuable time searching for your water valve. The same goes for a blown fuse or tripped circuit.
  • Now is also the time to make note of all smoke detectors in your home, determine if you want or need additional units, or decide if any replacements are needed.
  • 5. Install, or configure, a security system
    Whether you are working, playing or resting, you and your family should feel safe in your new home. As you plan your move, you may be asking yourself, “Do I need a home security system?” The answer depends on many factors, including the crime rate in your neighborhood and the level of security you need for peace of mind.
  • Full-time monitoring can prevent break-ins and burglaries. Monitored security companies, like Vivint® Security, take the guesswork out of installing and monitoring your home. Other smart gadgets such as wireless security cameras, strategically placed lighting and video doorbells are also very effective at deterring criminal activity around your home by allowing you to configure the system to your specific needs and giving you the ability to control it all remotely. Google Nest* offers many smart products that help monitor and secure your home both indoors and outdoors.
  • 6. Explore your new community
    Your new home is part of a larger neighborhood and that’s all new to you too. You’ll want to explore areas in the community that interest you and your family such as restaurants, playgrounds, libraries, shopping, dog parks and more. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors and ask them questions about your new community. If you need additional advice, then tap into your voice assistant about places of interest nearby.
  • 7. Finishing touches
    It’s time to put the finishing touches on your new home! You’ve done most of the heavy lifting to organize your move into your new home. Here are some other items to think through after your move:
Lawn Maintenance

Your lawn plays a considerable role in welcoming neighbors and guests. There is also a sense of personal pride in having a well-manicured and thriving front lawn. Smart updates, like adding Philips® Hue* lights, can create a beautiful and safe outdoor atmosphere. At the same time, a smart sprinkler system can keep your lawn and garden healthy by providing a preprogrammed watering cycle.


As a new homeowner, it is easy to become overwhelmed with a long list of tasks that need attention. From the new appliances to installations, Sam’s Club online can help with affordable prices and reliable services. You may wonder how to connect Google Home to Wi-Fi or struggle with setting up a new Linksys® router*. Thankfully, we offer installation services so you can sit back and enjoy the comfort of your home.


Moving into a new home takes patience, planning and organization. Home repair projects and the need for new appliances, smart devices, services, groceries and home care items can create a long list of “to-dos” before your move. You can rely on a large home goods retailer like Sam’s Club and unique businesses like FirstEnergy Home to help you select and purchase items you need before, during and after your move. Enjoy your new home!

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How can I improve security in a new home?

Home security is a big concern for every homeowner. The best way to help ensure home security is through a smart security system that allows 24/7 remote monitoring. Smart devices such as smart locks, smart lights and security cameras also provide customizable security options.

What is the purpose of Google Home?

Smart speakers or voice assistants are becoming a centerpiece in many homes because of their convenience and functionality. A voice assistant, like Google Home*, can be a speaker for music, an appointment calendar with reminders, a news source, an answer finder, and a device to control other smart devices in your home. Just say, “Hey, Google …”

Do I need an unpacking plan?

Just when you thought you’ve planned enough there is one more thing you should plan – unpacking. Labeling boxes is key but go one step farther and prioritize what needs to be unpacked on day one, day two, etc. That way you will have unpacked necessities when you need them, such as utensils for eating and towels and toothbrushes for showers and bedtime.

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