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More Ways to Keep Your Home Security System Secure

Learn additional tips to get the most of your digital system.

In a previous post we explained how better password strategies could reduce the risk of your home security system being compromised. Here are a few more easy tips to get the most out of your digital system.

Update when asked to do so.

The purpose of software updates on your home security devices is to stay one critical step ahead of hackers. These updates help patch security flaws that could make your home security system vulnerable. That’s why it’s so important not to put off firmware updates when alerted.

Some systems will update automatically, so there’s nothing you’ll have to worry about. With others, you might have to update manually on the home security app on your smartphone when prompted to do so. Don’t put it off! Most updates only take seconds, and procrastination can compromise your security.

Only purchase devices with anti-tamper features.

One advantage of digital home security systems is that there are no wires that can be cut, so it’s difficult to disable the system manually. The best systems offer enhanced protection against break-in.

Some home security devices, such as the Nest X Yale Lock, will sound an alarm when tampering occurs. Other DIY digital home security systems, such as the Honeywell Home Security Starter Kit, have sensors so sensitive that they can detect and alert to even tiny movements of locked doors and windows.

These anti-tamper features can serve as additional assurances of a secure system.

Periodically review footage from your surveillance cameras.

Potential intruders might spend time monitoring your property and the habits of your family before deciding to break in. That’s why you should periodically review your camera feed for suspicious activity around your home.

Look for the presence of unknown vehicles or strangers who seem to be spending too much time around your perimeter and taking an interest in your home. If you’re concerned, contact local police and provide visual descriptions and license plate numbers. Also, talk to other homeowners in your area to make sure they’re aware of possible suspicious activity.

This might be all it takes to get the police to patrol your neighborhood more often and for neighbors to keep an eye out for neighbors. 

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