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7 Essential Features of Outdoor Security Cameras

This article covers seven essential features to look for when purchasing an outdoor security camera.

In this era of smart home devices, security cameras play a large part. Previous sought-after features are now standard in most video security cameras. However, some cameras have not caught up with technology and don't include many important features.

This article covers seven essential features to look for when purchasing an outdoor security camera.

Smart Outdoor Video Cameras

Smart homes are all the rage, mainly because smart technology has seen incredible advancements. There are now smart lights, smart door locks, voice assistants, smart thermostats, smart kitchen appliances, and many more. But of all these smart home devices, home security is predicted to be the second-largest smart home market by 2023, and smart cameras will be near the top of the list.1

Anyone serious about security may want these features included in the video camera.


Get a phone alert when the camera detects activity. The detection type will depend on the model, but it could be motion or sound detection. This feature may enable the user to act before something happens.

Video Feed

Users want to check the video feed 24/7, especially when receiving an alert. It's a lot easier to verify an alert when viewing the video.


Video resolution is crucial for security. Unclear images could make it difficult to distinguish between a branch blowing in the breeze or someone lurking in the yard. 1080p HD video quality will clear up any questions.

Night Vision

It's no secret that criminals operate at night. What good is receiving an activity alert and checking the feed if the user can't see the activity? Night vision turns night into day with crystal-clear images.

Built-in Speaker

This feature allows the user to talk to someone on the other end. If it's a nighttime prowler, it may scare them off and stop an intrusion. It's also beneficial for package deliveries or watching the kids. Some cameras even include a 2-way talk speaker and microphone.


It stands to reason that video cameras manufactured for the outdoors would stand up to inclement weather. But while most are rainproof, some may not work well in snowstorms, freezing temperatures, or intense heat. Ideal weatherproof cameras cover all extreme weather conditions.


Simple DIY installation is one reason smart devices are so popular. Outdoor security cameras sound very technical, but many smart cameras include simple set-up and installation. It can be as simple as finding the right spot and attaching it with a magnet or a few screws. Some are battery-powered, and some require an outdoor outlet for power.

Are Smart Video Cameras Worth the Price?

Smart cameras can be expensive; however, these devices include many features that alleviate security concerns. Before smart video cameras, CCTV security cameras were bulky and featureless, save for the video feed. Those old security cameras were still more expensive than modern smart cameras.

The intelligent features included with outdoor cameras may make the purchase price worthwhile. Smart functions enable these cameras to operate just as well as some security alarm systems. With remote monitoring capabilities, homeowners can view the video feed on a mobile device 24/7 from anywhere. Built-in speakers allow the user to speak with those on the other end. Both the video and sound quality are superb in crystal-clear HD.

Surveillance video footage can be backed up and revisited from any device connected to the outdoor home security camera. Whether they are wireless or wired, battery-powered or plugged-in, they do a great job.

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In Conclusion

Homeowners install indoor and outdoor video cameras to improve home security and monitor safety. The most significant advantage of smart cameras is that they connect to smartphones to watch and listen. The remote access is convenient for working parents to watch over family, pets, and the house from anywhere.

It's important to note that to take advantage of outdoor security cameras' smart features, Wi-Fi is needed. Intelligent features like mobile alerts, remote control, video streaming, and recording require internet and Wi-Fi access.

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