5 Reasons You Need a Smart Sprinkler -
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5 Reasons You Need a Smart Sprinkler

Five reasons why choosing a smart sprinkler may benefit your home. Plus, information on how much sprinkler systems cost and how to install.

Smart products are designed to make people's lives easier and more productive via a wide range of benefits. As it has developed, smart technology has given consumers more devices with more specific uses. As a result, it is now at a point where you may be able to find a smart gadget for almost any home activity.

One of these devices that has a specific use is a smart sprinkler. For example, a garden sprinkler might be a logical investment for someone hoping to have a beautiful, well-maintained lawn or garden.

Let's look at five reasons why choosing a smart sprinkler may benefit your home. Plus, information on how much sprinkler systems cost and how to install.

1. Saves Money

Smart sprinklers are an excellent way to save money. This is because almost every lawn has specific areas that require more watering. For example, if there is a flowerbed right off the lawn, or if one patch of grass requires more attention than others, the entire lawn doesn't need to be watered with the same frequency. With a smart sprinkler, specific areas can be watered to avoid waste - regular sprinklers don't have features that allow them to water selective areas of a lawn.

Another way a smart sprinkler controller can save money is by syncing with the local weather service to avoid watering when it is already raining outside. And some units can also be connected to wired weather sensors if your local weather service doesn't reflect the weather at your home. Having a device that will automatically detect the weather and only water a lawn when required can be more efficient by saving on water and electricity.

The Rachio 3 smart sprinkler, for instance, can typically save you between 30-50% on your monthly outdoor water bill 1. And, some cities and water utilities offer rebates for switching to a smart sprinkler controller, so be sure to check with them before your purchase.

2. Conserves Water

Smart sprinklers often have very accurate systems to determine how they will function. This means that this device will thoroughly analyze every detail of your lawn's watering. For example, with the correct information about a lawn, the sprinkler may calculate how quickly the water will evaporate from that particular type of soil and water it accordingly to avoid even the smallest percentage of waste.

When watering a lawn, one of the main reasons for wasted water is run-off. However, when the water is carefully calculated before every sprinkling session, this can be avoided entirely. Every drop of water is then fully absorbed and utilized, which results in water conservation without constant monitoring.

The reason devices like irrigation controllers are so popular is that they can contribute to the environment simply because of their programming. They will save a significant amount of water and provide information on how much water has been conserved over a set period. This gadget can also be paired with others, such as soil moisture sensors, to irrigate any lawn in an even more effective manner.

3. Saves Time

One of the main ways a smart gadget can make life easier is saving valuable time through remote monitoring and learning patterns without manual control. Whether at work, on a road trip, or running errands, homeowners can control their smart sprinkler through an app on their smartphones.

The app will allow users to have complete control over their device, from setting up a watering schedule to changing the setting at any time from any place. Smart sprinklers also include mobile notifications. If any issues occur, the homeowner can make a correction it before it does any damage.

The app can be installed on any phone, whether it's an Android or iOS. Users can enable, disable or schedule any watering cycles from anywhere without wasting water or the lawn receiving a lack of water.

4. Auto Scheduling and Efficient Operation

Like most other smart appliances, a good smart sprinkler will allow users to schedule their gadget to avoid doing it manually every single time. A good option with the scheduling feature is the Rachio 3 smart sprinkler because it includes all the features homeowners need for keeping a perfect lawn.

A smart sprinkler's design allows it to water a lawn appropriately based on basic information the user adds. For example, with information like the nature of the soil and the area's weather condition, a smart sprinkler will decide when and how much to water. In addition, there are certain areas where there may be water availability issues at certain times. A smart sprinkler can automatically work its schedule around that time so that the supply does not run out.

Having a device that can manage all of these things can allow homeowners to invest their time and effort in more productive tasks since taking care of a lawn can be overwhelming. In addition, it eliminates the need for researching every detail on how to water a lawn to keep it in perfect condition, which can be very helpful, especially for people with a busy schedule.

5. A Beautiful Lawn

One of the most beautiful parts of any home is its lawn because it's the first thing anyone sees when they visit. It can create a positive first impression, especially if the house is up for sale. However, not having a well-maintained lawn can have the exact opposite impact. Not only will it reflect on the homeowner's carelessness, but a neglected lawn can also negatively impact the image of a home before you even enter it.

Watering a lawn with the right amount of water on a set schedule can eliminate most problems you have with maintaining it. It keeps the lawn and plants healthy, creating an aesthetically pleasing landscape. A patchy lawn often results from inadequate watering, but the lawn will always receive adequate water with a smart sprinkler.

While a lawn contributes to the value of a home, it is also a great place for homeowners to spend time with family. If a lawn is adequately watered and taken care of, it can become one of the liveliest, most relaxing parts of the home to spend time and feel refreshed.

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Smart sprinkler controllers are a smart purchase because they can save thousands of gallons of water and save money on your water bill. Homeowners lose close to 50 percent of outdoor watering due to inefficient watering methods and other issues2. Smart sprinklers are environmentally friendly and cost-effective. But they also make it more convenient to care for your lawn and garden. In addition, through smart technology and mobile control, smart sprinklers remove the arduous task of lawn upkeep. So, sprinkler installation can save a lot of water, which is excellent for any home and the environment.

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What is an irrigation controller?

Irrigation refers to watering any area through a system that strategically spreads the water out over that area. An irrigation controller is a device that automates this process. This can help save water and electricity and make using any gadgets like lawn sprinklers much easier.

Why get a smart sprinkler system?

These systems are meant to water lawns in the easiest, most convenient way possible. In addition, a smart sprinkler system provides customers with a way to remotely monitor the activity outside their home in a way that keeps it well-maintained without the need for constant surveillance.

How do you control a smart sprinkler?

Smart sprinklers can be operated through an app in the user's phone. Some require a Wi-Fi connection, while others don't – regardless, operating a system like this is quite simple, and anyone can do it. For anyone invested in gardening, this device can be beneficial.

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