For over 100 years, FirstEnergy has provided safe and reliable electricity to power our communities. At FirstEnergy Home, we want to make life easier for our customers with products and services designed to simplify the way you live. We aim to make lives brighter in new and exciting ways.

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Personal Tech Support Get ReadyBefore Your Move

Before you move, make sure your new home has everything you need to help you stay connected from high-speed internet to TV, phone and entertainment bundles. And you can start to consider smart home devices that can help provide convenience, automation, and protection for your new home.
Voice Assistants

Use for everyday tasks and integrate with other smart home devices including smart lights, thermostats and doorlocks.

Internet, TV and Phone

Let us help you find the best high-speed Internet, TV and Phone bundles in your area.

Energy Efficiency Starter Kit

A cost-effective way to get started making your home smarter and more energy efficient with smart home bundles.

Moving Into a New Home? Get Smart, Plan Ahead

Moving day is about as stressful as it gets, so your priority should be maximizing comfort the day you unload. And this means utilities, like gas, water, and electricity, which are essential to everyday life. Your new home will need these services up and running upon arrival.

Another major component that should be planned for is reliable internet, tv and phone services to offer the necessary entertainment you need to relax after the move. FirstEnergy Home™ can help you find service providers for affordable and dependable internet and entertainment bundles, so your new house can quickly begin to feel like a home.

Plenty of affordable smart home products can turn your new house into a smart home and can help provide convenience, automation and protection. From smart thermostats to smart lighting to video doorbells and voice assistants that can control it all from the sound of your voice, plan ahead with smart home devices.

Resource Center

Voice Assistant Device Complete Buyer’s Guide
Find out more about Voice Assistant features available, some of the products on the market today and what to look for when making a buying decision.


As moving day approaches, creating a checklist for your items and having your belongings prepacked for the move is essential. This preparation may require packaging supplies you need but don't have, i.e., cardboard boxes, clothing bags, packaging tape, etc. However, the preparation makes for a more efficient moving day, whether you hire movers or do it yourself.

Moving day can be stressful. But a few useful tips can minimize the hassle and help reduce the stress. For instance, hiring a moving service will save valuable time. Whether you hire movers or not, correctly packing your belongings helps to simplify the process. Some packing tips include packing heavy items in smaller boxes, packing fragile items tightly together with towels or clothing to provide cushion, rolling your clothes to take up less space, and keeping an inventory as you pack.

First and foremost, set up your utilities (electricity, gas, and water) before your move-in date. The same with Wi-Fi and cable because you may want a hot shower and entertainment after a long moving day. Since cable and utilities require appointments, advanced planning is a must.

Depending on the smart products, most smart home devices don't require any external hardware besides communication. And, as most smart devices use Wi-Fi as a communication protocol, all you need is a good internet connection to control your smart home devices in your new home. Don't have an internet connection set up yet? No problem, call FirstEnergy Home™ at 1-866-987-4305 to shop providers in your area.

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